How To: Strawberry, Watermelon and Lime Mocktail

With summer just around the corner for the Southern Hemisphere, smoothies and crushers are in the thoughts of all. South Africa, especially Durban and Johannesburg, seems to be going through a heat wave and my homemade strawberry, watermelon and lime mocktail is a sure-fire way to cool you down!

You will need:


  • 2 ½ cups of FROZEN watermelon
  • 1 – 1 ½ cups of FROZEN strawberries
  • ½ a lime
  • ½ a cup of cold water
  • 2 tablespoons of sweetener


  • Sharp knife
  • Measuring cups
  • Glass jug
  • Hand blitzer/mixer or a Blender
  • Tongs or Hand fruit juicer
  • Spoon

The recipe I use makes around 2 small cups (300 ml/10 oz each).


  1. Cut the watermelon and strawberries into small cubes (roughly 1 cm x 1 cm) and place them in the freezer until completely frozen. This should take 30 – 60 minutes on “fast freeze” but may take longer if your freezer does not have that option.
  2. Pour ½ a cup of cold water into your glass jug or blender.
  3. Cut a lime in half and squeeze the juice into the water. If you struggle with this, use the tongs to squeeze the lime. You can also use a hand fruit juicer.
  4. Add your sweetener to the water and lime juice and stir with a spoon until the sweetener is dissolved. The sweetener may cause froth, depending on which brand you use. I used Natreen.
  5. Add your frozen watermelon and strawberries to the liquids and blend. If you are using a blender, pulse the fruits and liquids together for roughly 2 minutes until smooth. If you are using a hand blitzer, this may take longer.
  6. Pour into glasses and garnish with whatever you please. I garnished mine with a strawberry that I had cored using a straw. Drink up!

You may add more lime juice and sweetener to please your taste. If you are of age and are able to drink alcohol and want to upgrade this mocktail, you can substitute half of the water for vodka to make a cocktail.

Enjoy these delicious drinks by the pool with your friends!

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