Tropitone Product Review

If there is one look we all want to rock, it’s the glow of a summer tan. Unfortunately, some of us burn easily or struggle to lay out in the sun because they get bored (me)! Luckily, I have a solution!

Tropitone is a South African company that produces and manufactures a variety of suntan lotions and self-tanning products. All of their products contain Monoi Tahitian Coconut Oil, a natural tanning accelerant. I adore Tropitone’s many ranges, thus I’m never without at least one of their products in my cupboard (or beach bag)!

I thought it would be a great idea to do a quick review of two of my favourite products at the moment; one is a tanning oil whilst the other is a self-tan spray. These two products will ensure a healthy glow all year round! Let’s check them out!

My do-or-die tanning oil is the Tropitone Tan Enhancing Oil Spray. I’ve been using this product for so long that the look of the bottle and SPF value has changed. This tanning oil is part of the Tan It Range and is such a wonderful addition to your beach bag!

As I mentioned earlier, this product contains Monoi Tahitian Coconut Oil, therefore it smells absolutely amazing. The scent clings to your skin long after applying the oil. The SPF value of this oil has decreased since I started using it, but it’s such a small difference that there are no real changes. The current SPF is 6, and for those who don’t know, an SPF of 6 will allow you to spend six times as long in the sun without burning i.e. if you burn within 10 minutes of being in the sun, an SPF value of 6 will extend that time to 60 minutes.

The Tropitone oil also has UVA and UBA protection, and promotes an even and natural tan that lasts much longer than it normally would! Whilst you can always use plain coconut oil, I find that this works even better. AND it’s not sticky! This oil is definitely an excellent investment, and I recommend it to everyone; even those who struggle to tan.

The next item that I would like to share with you is part of the Bronze It Range. This Self Tan Continuous Spray is a quick fix to white, pasty skin. If you’ve got a cocktail party to attend and your legs look like the petals of a Calla Lily, this is your saviour in an aerosol can.

This non-streaking spray tan, which also contains the Monoi Tahitian Coconut Oil, comes in both Medium and Dark, and to be on the safe side, I tried Medium first. I found that I needed a couple of layers to get the colour I wanted. This spray is also available in lotion form, which you should get a higher yield from due to the spray dispersing into the air.

The wonderful part about this spray is the easy application. If necessary, you can rub in the spray once you’ve spritzed yourself, but I find that it settles just fine without the additional work. You do, however, need to apply it every two to three days. The next time I purchase this product, I will probably try the Dark option, but all in all, I found the spray tan 100% worth it.

I hope this little review encourages you to check out the Tropitone website, which I linked earlier in this post, and possibly the products. If you wish to request prices and/or retailers, feel free to ask. Let me know what you think by commenting down below, tweeting me or via Instagram!

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NOTE: I am not sponsored by Tropitone in any way. I just enjoy using their products. Do not use baby oil as a tan accelerant. It acts like cooking oil and burns your skin, which can increase your risk of skin cancer!


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