Hair Care 101

I was struggling to think of a topic for this blog post when Brogan, one of my lovely Twitter friends, suggested I do a blog post on how I keep my hair healthy and grow it so long! I absolutely loved her idea and therefore I will be sharing some of my tips and tricks with you.

I use a variety of hair products and I am constantly trying out new treatments that I find, however I will always return to my favourites. These products are all available in South Africa, and some may be available in other countries of the world. Included below are also Let’s get started!



 Currently, I’m using the Organics Shampoo for Normal Hair. This shampoo is made with aloe vera and herbs and is organic, hence the name. I always return to this shampoo as my default because I feel like my hair is healthier after using it as well as cleaner. I also find that Organics doesn’t strip my hair of its natural oils, which are vital for healthy hair!

 My go-to conditioner is the Sunsilk Co-Creations: Damage Reconstruction. As the name suggests, this conditioner centres around rebuilding damaged hair from root to tip! There is also an accompanying shampoo but I’m not too crazy about it. I find that whilst using this conditioner, I have fewer split ends and rarely have to cut my hair. This fantastic product lasts for ages too because you don’t need very much.

 Batiste Dry Shampoo is also a worthy buy. I like to keep a tin in my bag because I don’t wash my hair everyday. Sometimes my hair feels greasy and needs a quick pick-me-up; this is great for that! I have tried several dry shampoos but I prefer Batiste. This dry shampoo also comes in various scents. My favourite is the cherry!

 My all time favourite brand is Aussie and my favourite range is the Frizz Miracle range. I have naturally curly and very frizzy hair and constantly need to control it. This is the only brand that actually helps. I use both the shampoo and conditioner, but very sparingly because it is expensive. I’m also a fan of the deep treatment, but I prefer VO5’s hot oil treatment, which is not pictured here.

 The last product I am going to mention is the GHD Style Heat Protect Spray. I use this whenever I apply heat to my hair. A heat protect spray is vital if you want to keep your hair healthy!


When it comes to washing my hair, I’m quite lazy. I have therefore “trained” my hair and only wash my hair once, maybe twice a week! As gross as it sounds, it is actually healthier for hair to be washed less. Washing your hair too much can strip it of its natural oils, thus leading to slow growth and breakage!

I used to wash my hair every second day i.e. Monday, Wednesday, Friday etc. but then began training my hair. I slowly added an extra day of not washing my hair every month so for one month I washed my hair every three days, then every four days, and so on. Ever since I trained my hair, it’s grown much faster and I have fewer split ends!

Obviously I use shampoo when I wash my hair and I think most people wash their hair the same way so I won’t go into too many details. I do however shampoo my hair twice in one wash. Once I’ve shampoo’d my hair, I apply conditioner but only from the tops of my ears down. Applying conditioner to your roots can actually cause your hair to get dirtier faster because not only do you have conditioner at your roots, but also natural oils too. I don’t leave my conditioner on for longer than a minute before I wash it out.

Twice a month I will use a treatment on my hair, usually a hot oil. Deep treatments can be quite expensive and can be substituted with household items like olive oil, avocado, honey or egg whites. I have some great hair masks pinned on Pinterest that you can check out!


I HATE cutting my hair so I trim it every three months. I don’t go to the salon for this, instead getting my mother to cut off a centimetre or two. I will do a big cut in January every year, only about five centimetres, just to get rid of major split ends and to promote growth. It is important to have a ‘big cut’ at least once a year so that your hair can stay healthy

This next fact does not fall under hair cuts, but rather is about what I use in regards to brushing my hair. I prefer to use wide toothed combs over brushes because with my hair type, brushing leads to split ends and damage.


There is one answer – NO. I don’t ever blow dry my hair. I let it air dry because heat kills your hair. I seldomly straighten or curl my hair. I used to straighten my hair daily but I killed my hair completely and had to stop applying heat for quite a while. Trust me when I say too much heat is a bad idea. If I do straighten or curl my hair, I use heat protect spray all over my hair tips and to just above my ears.

I hope this has helped some of you. I know it is not my best post (Sorry Brogan!) but fingers crossed that the next post is better! Let me know if you have some favourite products or any tips and tricks in regards to hair care!

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Note: This is not a review for any of the products which is why I have not included many details about them.


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