My Fitness Routine

It’s no secret that it’s important to exercise and be healthy. I try my absolute hardest to exercise and to eat as healthily as I can because I know that I’m happier in the long run. I feel great when I work out or choose an apple over a biscuit. I thought I’d give you all a quick insight into what I like to do to keep fit, stay the weight I want and how to control what I eat!


I  am by no means a fitness instructor or a nutritionist, so not everything that works for me will work for you. Please check with your doctor before partaking in activities or diets! (Personally I don’t diet; I just eat healthy foods and control my portion sizes)

Thanks to my boyfriend, I’ve become a little bit more health conscious last year and this year. I have a major sweet tooth, which is not ideal. My boyfriend, who plans on becoming a personal trainer after he has finished school, has been a really good influence on me because he eats healthily and exercises regularly, and I find myself feeling guilty if I don’t.

Whilst I’ve always been someone who exercises, my high school didn’t offer too many sports and slowly I went from working out five or six times a week to once a week (Physical Education lessons were my only saving grace).  Little exercise and unhealthy eating lead to me gaining a couple of kgs and it impacted me mentally as well as physically. Then, at the end of last year, I realised that my Matric Dance (Senior Prom?) was approaching. The dress I wanted to get made required me to lose weight and I started exercising regularly again.

At first I got back into swimming. I’d always been a water baby and it seemed natural to return to the pool. After that I started doing other types of fitness too. Now I’m into yoga and pilates as well.  I exercise at least once daily. I like to wake up and do morning yoga, and then go for a quick jog around my neighbourhood (about 2.6km). I tend to workout again in the afternoon and then do bedtime yoga to relax myself so that I can fall asleep easier.

 I now use apps to track my exercise, calorie count and to design workouts for myself. My two favourite fitness apps are PumpUp and SWORKIT lite. I found them on the App Store and have not regretted downloading them at all! To track my calorie intake I use MyPlate Calorie Tracker, but I also like MyNetDiary.

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PumpUp is my favourite health app of all time! It’s like an Instagram for fitness! You are able to share workouts, pictures and more to the users of PumpUp. You are able to follow people and see their workouts and activities (if you download this, you can find me at the user findingclea). PumpUp allows you to log pre-installed activities, as well as create your own unique workouts that are tailored to your needs! The best part about PumpUp is that you can do your workouts anywhere! You don’t need to go to gym at all, which is great because gyms can be quite daunting!

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SWORKIT lite is another great fitness app with pre-installed work out routines in four categories – Strength, Cardio, Yoga and Stretching. You are also able to create your own custom workouts. SWORKIT allows you to log personal goals and connect to the Apple Health App.

I haven’t included any screenshots of the calorie tracker apps, but both allow you to log your meals, exercise, water intake and weight. You are also able to set daily calorie goals.

I try to eat fresh, unprocessed foods and lean more towards fruits as snacks. My bigggest meal of the day is breakfast and my smallest is dinner. I also try to eat fewer carbohydrates after 5pm because they aren’t burned off by the body and then store as sugars and fats.

While I try to eat healthily, if I’m really craving something unhealthily, I won’t deprive myself of it because it results in me eating more when I finally get the chance. I don’t really eat out during the week, but Friday is my family’s “take-out” night and we order in. That is our cheat meal.

I drink at least 2 litres of water daily because it’s important to stay hydrated and it helps keep your skin clear. I’m also a huge fan a green tea, especially berry infused ones. Spar, a South African store, sells a really nice house brand. I also like the VENGA green tea juices, each of which have a different “purpose” and infused flavours.

Let me know what you like to do to stay fit and leave some tips and tricks down below for me to try!



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