Nailed It!

As I type this, my bare nails click against the keys of my laptop. I have just removed the chipping polish and floral nail stick-ons that I have been sporting for the past week. I was just about to paint a fresh coat of nail polish for this week’s manicure when I was struck with inspiration.

As I mentioned in my “50 Facts About Me” video, I always have my nails done. Obviously, constantly painting and repainting takes a toll on my nails, so I thought I’d share my nail care details with you.

For me, it’s a necessity to have my nails looking neat and manicured. I just feel more put together and professional.

The first thing I do is remove any old polish from my nails. Unfortunately, my nails are weaker than a teenage girl’s legs at a One Direction concert, therefore I try to use a nail polish remover with added keratin. By using a keratin-rich remover, my nails retain their minuscule amount of strength.

After removing the polish from my nails, I file them. I use a glass nail file and an emery board file, both of which I bought from my local pharmacy/drugstore. My emery board has a granulated side and a smooth side. I use the granulated side to shorten my nails quickly and the glass file to smooth out the edges. Personally, I prefer glass nail files because I find my nails are smoother when using it. My preferred nail shape is square or a square/oval combination.

Cuticle care is next on my agenda. I’m lucky to have small cuticles that only require a removal once a month, but I always apply a cuticle oil when going through my nail care routine. I use the Konad Cuticle Oil. It’s not a greasy formula and contains grapeseed oil extracts. Grapeseed oil is known for strengthening nails. I massage the cuticle oil in and then wash my hands to remove any excess oil, nail filings and acetone.

I then use a nail strengthening polish. My favourites are the Sally Hansen Hard as Nails and the Essence Studio Nails All-In-One Complete Care. These work wonders for my nails and combat breakage. I also like Pink Armour Nail Gel. This is a super important step in my opinion because no one likes weak nails and the breakage that comes with it. I tend to paint 2 coats of this and use it as a base coat.

Next comes my chosen colour. I tend to stick to natural shades – by that I mean, whites, creams and pinks. This is mostly because we were only allowed to wear these colours on our nails at school. My current colour of choice is the Essence 6-in-1 Nail Candies in #01 oh lolli lollipop.  I do like shades of blue, green and purple. Red and black are also staples. I also have several glitter polishes. I usually do 2 or 3 coats of polish depending on my desired opacity. I always apply a clear top coat to ensure my manicure lasts all week long.

Finally, after my nails have dried completely, I apply moisturiser. I tend to use whatever moisturiser I have on hand so I can’t really say which ones I use. I do like African Extracts Hand and Nail Cream as well as the body butters from The Body Shop.

Some other fun things I like to do to lift up my manicures are: apply glitter or rhinestone, use my nail pens to draw on patterns or use my nail stamp kit to stamp cute graphics onto my nails.

Hopefully this has given you a little insight into my nail care. Feel free to share some of your favourite products and nail care tips in the comments below! Don’t forget to view my latest video on YouTube, give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel!

I’m off to apply a fresh layer of nail polish!



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Disclaimer: This is not sponsored by any of the above mentioned brands. They just work well with my nails and skin.

Note: I apologise for the lack of photos. My usual camera is broken and is currently being repaired. Photos will be put up over the weekend.


2 thoughts on “Nailed It!

    1. Gelatin/e (the base of jello) definitely helps with strengthening nails and ha many other uses as well (helping combat cellulite, preventing arthritis and many more). I’d suggest a homemade jello (Pinterest has excellent recipes that I have tried and loved) or vitamin supplements because store-bought jello contains so much sugar and it essentially annuls the benefits of the gelatin/e! xx


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