Hair Me Out:

Hair is a tricky topic. Everyone’s hair behaves differently, but there is one thing we all have in common – we want to keep our hair healthy. I wanted to share a couple of my hair do’s and dont’s to heathy hair with you. This guide to healthier hair is officially underway.

Dyeing your hair can cause a lot of stress. Choosing the colour is hard enough but you have to think about maintaining a colour, keeping your hair from drying out due to harsh chemicals in the dye and constant moisture replenishment.

Well guess what..? Worry no more with Madison Reed Radiant Cream Color! This hair dye cream is made with several ingredients that actually strengthen and nourish your hair! No more damaged and brittle hair!
 Do you want your colour to last longer? The first step is protecting your hair from UV rays. These cause dyes to fade as well as encourage breakage, which NONE of us want. Make sure to use products with UV protection, which hair products for colour-treated hair contain, to keep your colour vibrant and shining!

I’m definitely a big victim of this next tip – I’m always tying my hair up when it’s wet, however, it’s slowly destroying my hair! I find it easier to throw my hair up into a ponytail if I’ve just washed it and have other errands to run, but as it turns out, it’s breaking the chemical bonds that hold my hair proteins together. Perhaps that’s why my hair feels more brittle and I experience a lot of fall out afterwards. I’m going to try my best to break this nasty habit and you should too!

I mentioned this in my Hair Care 101 blog post last year but heat protection is a must! I’m constantly flat-ironing and curling my hair so I take the precaution of applying a heat spray! My hair always feels stronger after using this and it looks glossier too! And who doesn’t like shiny hair!

Personally, I rinse my hair in cold water because I find that my hair dries into better natural curls this way, but I certainly don’t see any added shine when I do this. I think washing your hair in cold water is a preference that just relates to an individual. That being said, it’s also not great to wash your hair in scalding hot water! To add sheen to my hair, I like to use a good hair mask or treatment and the Madison Reed Color Reviving Gloss is the one to beat! My hair looks and feels fantastic after a deep condition!

I am constantly getting headaches from pulling my hair back to tightly (darn curls won’t smooth down!), but that isn’t the only side affect! Too much tension on your hair can lead to hair loss which is definitely a no-no for me! I’m all about that thick luscious hair! In the future, you’ll find this girl using an anti-frizz wax or taming serum to control my curls. Bring on the sleek ponytails!

I also mention this in my Hair Care 101 post, but it is vital to trim your hair at least once every two months. Even if I can’t get to the salon, I’ll trim my hair myself (with the help of my mom or a friend). Trimming hair results in faster growth as well as getting rid of split ends (yuck). This is probably my biggest tip for long hair! My hair is about 30 inches in length but it would never be that long if it weren’t for a good old trim every now and then!

Did you know it’s now safe to dye your hair during pregnancy? Many dyes are no longer made with the harmful chemicals they used to be, which means you will not be endangering your child’s health by dyeing your hair! So ladies, that means no more dark roots ruining your gorgeous blonde locks! It is advisable to consult your doctor before hand just to be safe!

This next don’t is a rule I live by. DO NOT blow dry your hair every time you wash it, even in the cold months. The constant heat will damage your hair and leave it looking deader than a doorknob. Wet hair does not increase your chances of getting sick – that’s all based on your immune system and if you already have a bug within your system. Just cover up warmly and you’re good to go!

I’m a big advocate of training your hair so that it does not need to be washed daily. I wash mine twice a week so that my colour stays rich and the natural oils of my hair flourish! Be sure to use good products like Madison Reed’s sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner to prolong colour as well as the time between washes! Dry shampoo is also your best friend on days where those natural oils are just flourishing a bit too much!

I also have a couple of my own hair do’s and don’ts!

  • HAIR DO: If you have curly or frizzy hair, do use a wide tooth comb to detangle your hair when wet! I find that doing this encourages tamable curls. I also used a wide tooth comb to apply conditioner to my hair so that ALL my hair is coated evenly!
  • HAIR DON’T: Rather than wrapping your hair in a towel, wrap it in an old cotton t-shirt. The cotton fibres are softer on your hair than poly-blends and won’t break your strands like poly-blends do.
  • HAIR DO: Water, fresh fruits and veggies are not only good for your insides but good for your outsides too! Take a break from harsh chemical formulas and make organic hair mask to treat hair! Eating and drinking the afore mentioned foods will do wonders and provide your hair with nutrients! So put down that junk food!
  • HAIR DON’T: Don’t apply conditioner to your roots! Your hair produces natural oils that are far better for your hair than a conditioner! Only apply the conditioner from halfway down your hair to your tips, which require the most care!
  • HAIR DO: Use products designed for your hair type – whether your hair is colour-treated, curly, straight, anything – because it will make all the difference in the world!
  • HAIR DON’T: Did you know that stress can cause hair problems? If you are a worry-wart, try diminish stress because it leads to loss of colour, loss of shine and even just plain hair loss! I know I stress quite a bit during exam time at school, and this is when my hair becomes dry and brittle, even if I am taking good care of it. Stress is not good (but you already knew that)!


I hope you will listen to these do’s and don’ts of hair care! Madison Reed and I want you to have beautiful, healthy hair to match your beautiful faces, bodies and personalities (because you’re all beautiful inside and out)!

If you are looking to change your hair colour, please feel free to complete the Madison Reed Hair Color Quiz, where you will be recommended brilliant hair colours that match your skin tone, hair type and various other details. I did this quiz to choose my current hair colour which is VENEZIA BROWN – 4NGV. I adore my colour and have to extend a huge thank you to Madison Reed for helping me pick it out!

  Let me know if you already perform the do’s (or don’ts) mentioned in this post! And let me know if you plan on changing you hair colour soon! Until next time..,


Disclaimer: I was not paid to write this post. I have been using Madison Reed products for a while now and I just love them.


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One thought on “Hair Me Out:

  1. Great tips! I also find that putting my hair in a lose side-braid when I sleep helps to avoid breakage, possibly just because it doesn’t need as much combing in the morning. I definitely need a new wide-toothed comb!


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