DermX: My new favourite exfoliator!

I struggle with getting smooth skin. I just have very oily skin that results in small sebaceous deposits all over my nose and thus pimples/uneven skin. I’m also quite prone to hormonal breakouts. BUT I recently found a miracle exfoliator that has cleared up a large portion of my skin problems!

About 2 months ago, I was given a jar of DermX. DermX is an all natural skin exfoliator made from a natural earth mineral. This mineral is collected from evaporation pans in the USA, Chile and Turkey. The mineral is then dissolved in a solvent and re-crystallized to a pure crystal-like granule. These soft, white granules are super effective in exfoliating your skin!

I also use this gentle exfoliator on my elbows, knees and any other places with hard, dry skin. This definitely helps against winter dryness and when applying fake tan, as it results in an even skin surface.

I use DermX every two days on my face and twice a week on other parts of my body. Firstly, I remove my makeup and then place a small amount of the granules from the jar into my hand. I add the slightest amount of water to the granules to form a dry paste. I apply the paste to my skin and rub it on my skin in circular motions. Sometimes I use a face exfoliator brush or sponge to massage the granules into my skin.

The granules remove dead skin cells through the abrasion, as well as lift up any heads of pimples from under the skin and remove oil and dirt blocking pores. After about three or so minutes, I rinse the granules off my face. I then immediately apply moisturizer to keep my skin silky smooth and hydrated.

As I mentioned before, I often have skin problems, especially with those small pimples that never seem to go away. Since using DermX, my skin had cleared ten-fold and others have been complimenting me on how my skin is “glowing”, “youthful” and “clearer than I’ve ever seen it”. I’m no longer self-conscious about going without makeup – obviously I still love doing my makeup, but now I’m more relaxed about it. Using DermX has done wonders for my confidence! I’m in love with this product and will be keeping it well stocked in my skin care bag.

DermX works miracles on your skin, but that’s not even the best part! It’s super cheap as well! Each 500ml jar cost R180.00! That’s such a great price for an even greater product!

I’d recommend this to anyone and everyone! If you want to clear your skin, DermX is the way to go! (Send me a message if you’re curious about this product and want to know more)



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DISCLAIMER: This is a sponsored post as I was given DermX from the head of the company to review. That being said, I would never endorse a product I don’t believe in.


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