Ready. Set. Contour.

Although contouring is “out” according to starlets and their makeup artists, it will always be one of my favourite makeup techniques. My face is somewhat chubby and despite it’s “perfect” oval shape, I do not have carved cheekbones, a sharp jaw or a thin nose (it’s actually rather bulbous). So that’s why I like contouring – I can define my features in the way I want.

Lately I’ve been really into minimal makeup, but looking like an egg with long hair isn’t my idea of fun – I like to give my face a bit of definition. Luckily I’ve found a way to keep my makeup simple but still look made-up and ready to rock the day!

 Firstly I start by applying a thin layer of foundation, as well as concealing any pimples, redness and under-eye circles (though I try to keep that to a minimum to achieve that natural look). Then I do my brows, because they frame your face and are a necessity in my opinion! Next is time for the easy-peasy contouring!

I have fallen in love with the L.A. Girl Velvet Contour Sticks. These are wonderfully soft and pigmented cream contour sticks that come in a variety of shades. I have a Bronzer, Blush and Hi-Lite stick, which are in the shades “Suede”, “Snuggle” and “Radiance” respectively. These all complement my skin tone and undertones perfectly, but due to the range of colours, most people can use these contour sticks and be satisfied with the results!

Before I apply any of the products, I use my Hydra-Oil to make the sticks as creamy as possible. Hydra-Oil has multiple uses such as:


Then I am 100% ready to contour! I draw directly onto my skin withe sticks, starting with the Bronzer stick. I have a large forehead (fivehead), therefore I apply the product from my one temple to the other in a “C”-shape. I also apply it in the hollows of my cheeks, along my jaw line, underneath my bottom lip and very carefully on my nose. Suede, my preferred shade, is a cool brown with grey undertones. It’s perfect for contouring as it creates the right “shadows” on my face.

Following that I apply my Blush stick. This coral shade suits most skin tones and is ideal for naturally flushed look. I apply this in a sideways “J” on my cheeks, directly above where I applied my contour, a small bit on my chin and the centre on my forehead. Obviously this is preferential as to where you apply it, unlike contouring which is “set”.

And lastly, it’s time to highlight! Sometimes I go a little bit overboard with this but who wouldn’t?! This is such a creamy formula with the most stunning shine and sparkle! I apply this on the highs of my cheekbones, on my cupid’s bow, the tip of my nose and above/below my eyebrows (this last one I make sure to apply lightly, otherwise my brows look a bit odd). The great thing about this is that you can use it alone or as a base for a powder highlight.

Now it’s time to blend it all in! I just use my makeup sponge for this. I use the round bottom to blend my contour, the side to blend the blush and the pointed tip to blend out the highlight. I mostly press the sponge down in quick, sharp movements, pushing the products into my skin rather than swiping them onto the skin. Once blended, I use a translucent powder to bake my face – I apply it under the contour to sharpen it, along the side of my nose & along the bridge as well and finally on my forehead. As for the rest of my face, I lightly dust it in the same translucent powder.

Whilst I bake my face, I finish applying any other makeup necessary. I don’t do much to my eyes besides curl my lashes and apply two coats of mascara, and then I slick on a bit of lipstick. Usually I stick to natural pinks if I’m doing this makeup look, but today (Tuesday), red complimented my outfit better! There’s also a bonus to red lipstick – you look like you’ve put more effort into getting ready!

And that’s all! I didn’t apply any powder blush, contour or highlight! This look was created purely with these wonderful Velvet Contour Sticks! These three products have changed my morning routine for the better! This entire look can be completed in under ten minutes, which provides ample time for me to get ready and do other things before heading off to my first lecture of the day.

I am aware that this doesn’t contour my face to the extreme, nor does it make anything look sharp enough to cut someone, but I do like the subtlety of it. It’s simple, fast and efficient.

These are definitely some of my favourite cream contour products. What are a few of yours?



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DISCLAIMER: This post is not sponsored.

ANOTHER NOTE: Please forgive the scary thing that is my blank face. I know it’s not symmetrical (that is very obvious in some pictures), but it’s mine and I do like it (to an extent) so please be nice about it.


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