First Impressions: Image Lipstick

Here’s the thing. I’m fussy about lipsticks. The way to my heart is through lipsticks (HINT HINT). I must admit, when I bought a lipstick for R13.99, I wasn’t expecting much. But boy do I have news for you!

I have been hunting for the perfect dusky rose lipstick for months now. The ones I have found just haven’t been right for me – they’re either too drying (curse my dry lips), don’t suit my skin tone etc. So when I walked into Pep, where I was buying some hair clips, I was pleasantly surprised to find a beautiful, silky lipstick in my ideal shade.

I was still a bit skeptical about buying it, purely because I couldn’t test the lipstick like you can in most places and I didn’t know if I could trust Pep (arguably the cheapest store I’ve ever shopped in). I did take the plunge and buy it though, because fourteen rand for a lipstick is a bargain, and even if I didn’t like it one of my friends would.

As soon as I returned back to res from town, I had to take a closer look at my new purchase. I wanted to know if I had made the right choice in buying it.

The first thing I want to talk about is the packaging. While it certainly isn’t a Mac black bullet, I think the packaging is still sleek. It’s roughly square casing with rounded corners. The shaft in which the lipstick sits is black with the image logo printed on the side. The lid is clear, which allows you to see the lipstick itself. On the bottom, not shown, is a little sticker with the name of the lipstick. This particular product is called “Nude”.

While the packaging isn’t the most attractive, it certainly protects the lipstick! This fell off my counter in my room, which is about a metre off the floor, and the lipstick was 100% fine. There was not even a scratch in the plastic.

The actual lipstick is lovely and creamy. It glides on like a dream and the colour pay-off is stunning! It is slightly matte, but still has the slight sheen that works for my lips. Obviously it’s not as great as my higher end lipsticks, but that is expected. The shade of lipstick is a dusky rose, which is a pink with a slightly grey undertone.

The lipstick does wear relatively well. It’s clear that I have to reapply after eating but other than that, it stays put. The lipstick doesn’t “bleed” when I don’t use a liner, and even after the lipstick has come off, a pink hue is left staining my lips.

I have fallen in love with this lipstick and I am definitely going to buy it again! I may even try some of the other shades offered, which includes a fun gold and a deep burgundy. For a lipstick this price, I don’t see why I shouldn’t try the entire range!

What’s your current favourite lip product? I’d love to know!



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