Sinfully Darker || #MeAndJohnFrieda

Whilst I’ve managed to restore my hair to a healthy state again, its colour is certainly lacking. This is due to sun exposure and various other factors. I have, however, been given the opportunity to return it to its deep chocolate colour once again!

As part of the #MeAndJohnFrieda campaign, I am going to be reviewing the new John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Visibly Deeper shampoo & conditioner. I couldn’t be more excited!

Starting off with some product details…

The Brilliant Brunette Visibly Deeper shampoo claims to “gradually infuse deep, rich tones” and the conditioner “intensifies rich, dark tones & hydrates” (natural AND colour-treated hair). Just looking at the actual liquids/creams, I can believe this claim. The shampoo is a rich, shiny chocolate colour whilst the conditioner is a soft wooden brown. Both items smell amazing, thanks to the cocoa & evening primrose oil used in the formulas.

John Frieda’s packaging is ALWAYS stunning and these products are no different. They both come in a toothpaste tube-like bottle, which has a minimalist yet effective design. The coppery-chocolate brown colour on the tube certainly reflects what the products do. The simple logo and writing keep the look clean, whilst a pop of red attracts the eye. Personally, based on looks alone, I’d purchase these products. It’s human nature to be attracted to “pretty” things and this is no different.

The Brilliant Brunette range retails at R110.00 for 250ml and is available at Clicks, Dischem and various hair care stores.

As someone who has been dyeing her hair darker for years, I was enthusiastic about trying products that claim to darken hair without the addition of harsh chemicals. Personally, I prefer myself with darker hair, but I often find that my dye jobs fade before I’d like them to – and I was looking for a way to prolong my gorgeous colour!

Wednesday – Wash 1: Truth be told, I was not expecting much after one wash but was pleasantly surprised to find a slight difference already (this stuff is GREAT). I noticed that my roots were slightly darker. Some of my lighter strands of hair had “disappeared”, or rather darkened and blended in with my other hair.

My hair was tangle-free after washing it, which is a first! After drying & straightening it, my hair was SO smooth. Like a hot knife going through butter – weird analogy, but it’s the only one I saw fitting!

Friday – Wash 2: Other people have started to notice a slight difference in my hair colour. I was asked by two of my friends if I had dyed my hair, which felt great! My hair looks healthier thanks to the new vibrancy and my confidence has increased TENFOLD.

Sunday – Wash 3: I’ve noticed that my hair has just taken to this product really well. I know many people who don’t think it’s possible to lighten or darken your hair colour without dye, but John Frieda has clearly proved them wrong! My hair is definitely darker and most definitely looking more vibrant.

Overall, my hair feels silky smooth after using the products, and is certainly more manageable. Curly hair obviously comes with the territory of tangles and knots, but those two pains have certainly decreased since using the Visibly Deeper products. I have also noticed that my hair feels a lot cleaner and I could have gone an extra day or two without washing my hair – because on the days I washed my hair, it wasn’t greasy or oily at all.

My hair looks darker, which I am THRILLED about! I didn’t think it was possible to darken my hair without dyeing it, but I have been proven wrong. In the past months, my hair was lighter due to sun exposure, and the Brilliant Brunette range has deepened the colour to my liking. Compared to the lighter shade of brown I had, I love this dark chocolate tone way more!

I would definitely purchase these products again because the results they have shown are incredible. If you are yet to try them, I highly recommend you do. Not are they only great quality products, but value for money too! I wouldn’t charge any less than its official pricing.

I’m giving the JF Brilliant Brunette Visibly Deeper range an 8/10. I am so pleased with the outcome. These are fantastic products! #MeAndJohnFrieda was truly a success.



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DISCLAIMER: This post features sponsored products but all views and opinions are my own. I would never endorse a product I don’t believe in.


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