Blemish Be Gone || #SkinLovesRooibos

As someone who struggles with oily skin, I often find myself in the predicament of breaking out at the most inopportune moment. Not only is it frustrating for me, but also embarrassing. Yes, I’m well aware that pimples are a normal part of being a teenager and everyone gets them (LIE! One of my friends has the clearest skin I’ve ever seen. It’s like fine china), but it’s just something that makes me self-conscious to the point where I won’t even let MY FAMILY see me without makeup on.

With the #SkinLovesRooibos campaign, I’m working on combating my pimples and insecurity. African Extracts is a local South African company whose products centre around a main ingredient of Rooibos, a type of plant & tea. AE originally started with the “Classic” range, and has now extended to “Purifying”, “Even Tone” and “Advantage” ranges. I’ve been given the opportunity to review the Purifying range which is targeted at young, oily skin that is prone to blemishes.

I have been using many of the classic products since I was told about skin care (thanks mom), however I had only used one of the purifying products before. I hadn’t received proper exposure to the Purifying range, and therefore had no clue how my skin would react BUT I’m always up for trying new things, especially relating to beauty.

I was sent five products from the Purifying Skin Care range to review over the course of two weeks. The products are as follows:

  • Facial Cleansing Bar
  • Pore-Clearing Face Scrub
  • 3-in-1 Wash, Scrub & Mask
  • Spot Treatment
  • Dual-Action Moisturiser

I’ve used all of these products in the above order in the week that I’ve been using them.

 1. Facial Cleansing Bar – R18.00

This little soap bar is hands down my favourite product of the five I’ve been trying. Not only does it leave my feeling squeaky clean and completely oil-free after using it, but also removes my makeup better than ANY makeup remover I’ve used in the past – EVEN my stubborn waterproof mascara. When using this, I wet the soap, rub until my hands are all suds-y and then massage my face with it. Simple. It works wonderfully and is super cheap too!

2. Pore-Clearing Face Scrub – R60.00

This scrub is INSANE. It’s abrasive enough to unclog my pores, yet still gentle enough for me to apply pressure when scrubbing. The small exfoliating granules really get deep into the dirt and clear it away. My nose is looking so much better since using this – and my nose has been something I’ve struggled with since I hit puberty. I use it directly after the Cleansing Bar and focus it on the patches where I have enlarged, blocked pores.

3. 3-in-1 Wash, Scrub & Mask – R60.00

Whilst I enjoy this as an out of shower mask (i.e. I let it dry completely), it’s my least favourite of the five products. Personally I don’t like it as a scrub for my face, but it has worked wonders on my chest and shoulders, which is where I break out when stressed – and thanks to exams I’m more stressed than I’ve ever been before. The exfoliating beads just aren’t my favourite. I don’t like their feel on my face, but other than that, I like this as a mask.

4. Spot Treatment – R65.00

This little beauty. I’m in love. I’ve been struggling to get rid of a pimple on my forehead and one above my eyebrow for weeks now, and after two uses of the spot treatment, they were GONE! Amazing. Whilst it’s not as effective on pimples that have already been squeezed (I really should stop doing that), it still speeds up the healing process. This spot treatment is worth every penny, unlike others I have tried. I apply this as soon as I exit the shower and gently tap in into my skin rather than rub.

5. Dual Action Moisturiser – R46.00

This BABE. African Extracts always gets it right when it comes to moisturisers, and this one is no different. I like to apply my moisturisers when my face is slightly damp, just to ensure that the moisture is locked in, and this one allows for that – there is no change in consistency at all despite the addition of water. I only use about a pea size of moisturiser and gently tap it into my skin using my finger tips. It may take longer, but rubbing can lead to wrinkles, which is a HUGE no-no.

All-in-all, the Purifying range has exceeded my expectations greatly. I’ve found products that will now have a permanent place in my skin care routine! These work wonders! I have also found that applying my makeup has become ten times easier since using these, and I don’t worry as much about looking oily anymore, because these products have reduced the shininess that generally happens during the day.

Not only do the products work, but I can tell they will last because of how little you actually need to use. You pay for quality, and that’s definitely what you receive when using African Extracts. 9/10 for the range as a whole is a fair rating in my opinion.

#SkinLovesRooibos is one of the best campaigns I’ve been involved in, and it has proven that my skin actually does love rooibos. Nature for the win!

I highly recommend these products to anyone struggling with oily skin that is prone to break-outs.



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DISCLAIMER: This post features sponsored products but all views and opinions are my own. I would never endorse a product I don’t believe in.


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