2017 Planner || Getting Organised

At the beginning of 2016, I made the decision to be organised. HA.

It didn’t go as planned despite me buying an expensive planner – you know, one of the ones that swanky business men carry around so that they can pencil in appointments? I was diligent for a while but after two months I seemed to forget that I owned a planner.

Now however, I am even more determined to be organised in the new year. Second year is reportedly the hardest university year due to the workload – so I HAVE to be organised. I am also considering getting a job, and therefore need to plan my time wisely.

I turned to Pinterest in hopes of finding a free printable planner. While I found plenty, none of them were what I had in mind – I wanted something minimalist but still covering all the bases of to-do lists, water consumption and meal planning. So I made to choice to design my own!

I decided to incorporate one of my favourite little images into my planner. I have no clue who design the cute little cactus head but I’m in love with him (he’s my current phone wallpaper)! He is actually on the cover page, along with the title “2017 Planner”.


I decided to make a daily & weekly planner, as well as a monthly calendar and a cover page. I also created blog & video planners, but I will not be sharing those on here.

My Daily Planner includes the following sections

  • Date
  • Quote
  • To-Do List
  • Workout block
  • Water Drops to track glasses of water
  • Meal & Snack tracker
  • Morning, Afternoon & Evening blocks
  • Notes block

My Weekly Planner also includes a to-do list, but a “Song of the Week” replaces the “Quote” section of the daily planner and “Monday – Weekend” blocks replace the M, A & E blocks. A little space to doodle is also available on the weekly planner as well as a section for “Next Week”.

My Calendar starts on a Monday – this is due to me starting my weekly vlogs on Mondays. Each calendar is undated and can therefore be used in future years as well.

I’ve already started using them and I already feel more productive! I’ve been keeping up with my water intake, doing exercises and actually getting things done (ON TIME) all thanks to this planner.

I have created the printables in PDF format, with space for trimming, and they can be printed as any size you wish (based on how your printer can actually print). Personally, I like them at A5 size, but if you’d prefer them as A4 then you do have that option.

All you need to do is subscribe to my blog via email and I’ll send my planner to you.

Please note that this planner is intended for personal use only – which means DO NOT go redistributing it. If someone asks where you downloaded it from, please send them to my blog. I’d be so grateful for the traffic!

I hope you enjoy this planner and get organised in 2017! Don’t forget to send me pics on twitter if you do use my printables.



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DISCLAIMER: The image used in the planner does not belong to me – but full credits go to the artist!


2 thoughts on “2017 Planner || Getting Organised

  1. i love your blog and i just subscribed!!! is it possible that i can still be sent these planners, they’re gorgeous and i need to get my life together ahaha!

    Liked by 1 person

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