Beauty Treats? Yes Please!

There’s nothing like a good contour kit. South Africa’s only problem is our lack of variety. We either have to import beauty products from elsewhere (and with our TERRIBLY weak currency, it’s not the best option) or suck it up and use whatever is available. I have searched high and low for a contour kit that is worth its price AND I’ve finally found one!

Beauty Treats Face Powder Contour Collection is a gift from the Makeup Gods – the powders are pigmented, blendable and it won’t break the bank!

This BT palette is one of two contour palettes that consist of six powders, including a shimmery white for a popping highlight. The other Beauty Treats contour palette does not include the highlighter though.

The darkest contour shade is a lovely rusty-brown. The red undertones make it ideal for darker skin tones but can be used if a strong contour is the desired effect. Personally, I like using it as an eye shadow – it works wonderfully as a crease shade.

The muddy brown shade is next. This is my preferred contour shade because it gives my contour definition but still compliments my skin tone. It’s subtle enough to use during the day, but still strong enough to create a great contour.

The next two shades are very similar – one has more of a toffee undertone whilst the other has a peachy undertone. These I use as my blending shades. In order to ensure my contour is smooth and there are no harsh lines, I blend it out with the darker of the two shades. This particular shade doubles up as a bronzer on more “relaxed” makeup days.

The lighter powder is what I use to set my eye primer with because it matches my skin tone perfectly. Creating a good base will help eye shadow last all day, as well as allow shadows to blend together seamlessly. The lighter of the two isn’t as pigmented and requires you to build up the product .

The lightest shade, besides the highlight, is a soft cream colour. This can be used to set makeup under eyes or even as eye shadow – I like it when creating a crease cut as the all-over lid shade. One swipe of the powder is enough. The pigmentation is fantastic!

My absolute favourite powder of the palette is obviously the highlighter. The glittery white powder catches the light perfectly and you GLOW. A little goes a long way with this highlighter (especially if you layer it on top of a cream highlighter), but even if you do apply a boatload of it, it doesn’t appear too shiny.

The absolute cherry on top of the cake is the fact that this contour kit is cruelty-free. In South Africa, we don’t have a large selection of cruelty-free products, but I am ecstatic to have found this one. Using makeup that is not tested on animals is a top priority of mine. I always look out for cruelty-free labels on products, and I have learnt which brands do not test on animals.


This palette retails for R69.99 at Dischem – what a steal! There are also cream contour palettes available and a combination of powders and creams in the ultimate face palette. I can’t wait to get my hands on them!

I’d love to know what your favourite powder contour products are so leave a comment below! 



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DISCLAIMER: This is not a sponsored post. All images are mine.


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