Hello & Welcome


I’m Cléa (rhymes with Leia), otherwise known as Bean to my nearest & dearest. An nineteen year old student from Durban who is trying to find her way in life.

I’m currently studying Pharmacy, but my passions lie in beauty and fashion. Make-up is a way for me to transform, as is fashion. With clothes and beauty products in my arsenal, there is nothing I can’t do. That being said, I am still a science girl, through and through.

Finding Cléa is the place where I am able to express myself fully. It is where I share my adventures and experiences with you wonderful people. It is here that I will document my navigation through life.

My interest in writing has lead me to start my blog, but my love of life has also played a roll in my decision. Hopefully, through my writing and photographs, I will be able to give you sneak peaks into my life, that has fortunately been filled with amazing people, places and precious moments.

My future promises even more exploration and creativity. Hopefully, my adventures will inspire you to go out and experience some of your own, whether it be in your city, country or the world!

Join me on my journey of self-discovery. Maybe you’ll find yourself along the way…


Tell me what you think!

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