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There’s something inherently scary about growing up. Your parents have been taking care of you for 18 years, and now it’s time to leave the nest. Although I technically “flew the nest” more than a year ago, it became even more obvious that I’m becoming an adult when I signed my very first lease two weeks ago.

I’ve been living in a university residence for the past two years, and although I was doing my own laundry, buying my own toiletries & groceries, and travelling across the country alone, it never truly sank in that I was an adult. I still had parental figures in res (the warden and house committee), however I’m now moving into a flat and that brings a whole bunch of more freedom and responsibilites!

With moving into a flat, comes the added task of decorating – my flatmate, Cait, and I are super excited to have a place of our own that we can decorate and customise as we wish! Our bedrooms & en-suites are our OWN space to decorate but we will be combining forces to decorate our living room and kitchen area.


The communal area of our two-bedroom flat is open-plan, although I’ve been treating the kitchen and entryway as a separate entity to our living room. Whilst the kitchen won’t require much decorating – just a couple of cute storage jars here & there, and maybe a plant or two -, I would love to have a cute entryway. There are more pressing things that would be considered before this but maybe a few months down the line we can start looking at this area.

Cait and I have bought a little “Welcome” sign with three little hooks for our keys, so obviously that will go here, but I think a table or a couple of shelves with some decor could really liven up the place and set the tone for the rest our our apartment.

I love ladder shelves, and one day I aim to have something similar in my home. I love the first shelf because it’s quite compact and cute, but still very effective. There are so many way to decorate it – plants, books, picture frames, candles. The list is endless, and you can see by the second ladder shelf what I mean. The smaller shelves are also very cute and functional – this would probably suit the apartment more space wise.

The pallet plant & light feature is also so different and compelling, although it would definitely be a DIY job… Another DIY would definitely be the hanging rope shelf – I know Cait wants to make and hang some of these in her bedroom. Perhaps I should do a bit of crafts once we’ve moved in.



So far, Cait and I have decided to keep our living room theme quite organic – we plan on using simple colours like white and cream and accenting with “rustic” wooden pieces and LOADS of plants & greenery. We actually bought some lovely green cushions the other day, that are not only super squishy but also bring the perfect amount of vibrancy to the table!

Couch-wise, Cait and I have found our ideal couch. It’s on the right side of comfortable and makes you want to curl up on it with a book in hand and drift in-and-out of sleep. Paired with our squishy pillows, I think a lightweight throw will complete the look of cozy and cute. The living room is where we are going to socialise, so it’s important to enjoy the area. The couch can also double as a sleeping place if any of our friends need to crash at our place for a night.






Whilst our pillows are great, I would love to find some printed or textured/knitted pillows to also inhabit our couch. This will just further enhance the couch area.

As I said before, we are trying to keep everything organic – there is definitely a heavy plant& reclaimed wood influence. In addition, it would be awesome if I could find a unique coffee table, like this hair-pin leg or crate table.

Personally, I’d love to frame and hang some leafy prints on the wall. They definitely fill up space, and stop a room from looking bare. Different sizes is obviously ideal, as it adds dimension, and creates a wonderful visual effect. No matter what plant print it is – banana leaf, monstera, fern – I think it would look great upon our wall!



Cait and I each have our own bedroom and en-suite bathroom, so we will be decorating that individually. In my room I am aiming to have a clean colour scheme with a pale mint/turquoise influence and light wooden furniture pieces. I’d also love to incorporate more plants into my room, as certain plants can be beneficial for sleep and other various things – I don’t have many now because I can’t take my plants back to Durban every holiday and I can’t leave them in my residence room (which I have to constantly pack up).


Bed-wise, I am hoping to buy a double bed. I currently have a single in res, but a queen size at home, and I like to starfish when I sleep. I also move around quite a bit and have in fact fallen out of bed at res due to riggling at night. I would love to find an inexpensive wooden bedframe, but I also love the idea of repurposing wood pallets as my bed base. This is a super simple DIY, so I might go that route if I can find pallets in good condition. I would probably keep them unpainted, like in the third picture, because I really like the wooden aspect. And of course it’s important to decorate a bed with pillows and throws – I currently have two throws on my bed, which will come with to the flat, and two decorative pillows (I want to add more though)!

As for a bedside table, I have ordered a pine crate to mount on my wall. I just love the “floating” aspect, and will definitely continue the mounted crate trend throughout my room – my workspace is begging for some adorable, yet functional, storage! I’d also love to hang some fairylights, and possibly a tapestry, up in order to spruce up the walls. The fairylights are definitely a must – it just adds this ambience to a room (SO cozy).


I will be taking a lot of my current res decor to the flat, which includes a white board, chalk board, several decorative jars and hanging decor. I will most likely be using these at my workspace. I have actually ordered a desk like the one below, but to my specific dimensions. I am so excited because I spend most of my time at my desk, whether  I am doing university work, my makeup or just messing around on my laptop.


I have a lot of desk decor, but as I mentioned before, I would love to mount crates on the wall as storage and add more plants to the area – oxygen in vital for good brain activity after all! Pinterest has given me so many great ideas from wire sheets to hang various pictures and knick-knacks on, to simple decor. My workspace is special to me, and I want it to be perfect. This would probably be the most personal area of my room, and I cant wait to mix and match decor to acheive my sanctuary.

Personally I don’t think I’ll do much to my en-suite. It is pretty small, and at most I’ll hang an interesting mirror and maybe some shelves. Obviously I will co-ordinate my towels, and have a cute shower caddy (1) (2) – that can remain in the bathroom unlike in the communal residence bathrooms.

I can’t wait to move into our little apartment and start making it our own! This is a HUGE step in becoming more independent, and I hope I thrive.



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